1769 is a lab for sustainable and resilience development for offgrid living and smallscale farming
1769 stands for agroecology, biodiversity, carbon zero, circular economy, citizen science, communities of practice, coprototyping, digital transformation, disruption, diy bio, farm hack, flow, food sovereignty, inclusive, lean, lgbtq+, low tech, mindful, minimalism, ні війні, open source, p2p, prepping, smart farming, smallscale farming, tax the rich
1769 targets autarkic homes, tiny houses, earthships, microfarms, community gardens, permaculture gardens, eco and ghost villages, fabfarms, farm schools, organic farms, barns, rural coworking spaces, green businesses, tech startups, agtech providers, universities, makerspaces, ngos, digital nomads, nomadic makers, hacktivists, designers, engineers, (neo)farmers, agronomists, investors and volunteers.
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